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We proudly present a compilation of websites that have shed light on our services and acknowledged our reputation. This array of digital platforms displays a vivid portrait of the recognition and respect our establishment, White House Dental and Implant Centre, Godstone, has garnered online.

Our presence extends across numerous internet platforms, amplifying our visibility and accentuating our commitment to providing superior dental care. These websites vary from healthcare forums and professional directories to blog posts and news articles, each adding another facet to our online persona. This digital recognition is a testament to our persistent efforts to excel in dentistry and our relentless dedication to serving our clientele.

The conversations and mentions about White House Dental and Implant Centre aren't confined to the listed websites. Our digital footprint can be traced to several other corners of the internet. These additional venues serve as a window to the depth and breadth of our service offerings and can provide a more holistic view of our practice. They also stand as a testament to the widespread appreciation we've garnered and the trust we've fostered within our community.

These other platforms include but aren't limited to social media pages, local business directories, dental health forums, and patient review websites. We're humbled to be a discussion topic among professional peers and valued patients. On these platforms, you can expect comprehensive reviews, patient experiences, discussions about our services, and our impact on transforming smiles.

Our online presence tells a story of a dental practice rooted in quality, innovation, and patient satisfaction. We invite you to explore these websites and digital platforms to understand what White House Dental and Implant Centre stands for. Each digital footprint we've left is a testament to our integrity and dedication to providing the highest standard of dental care.

The digital realm is a labyrinth of information, and our presence is scattered throughout. This curated list of websites and other online platforms is your compass to navigate through this labyrinth and discover the White House Dental and Implant Centre that we're proud of. As you embark on this digital exploration, we hope you get a sense of our relentless pursuit of dental excellence, our unwavering commitment to our patients, and our persistent strides towards being pioneers in the dental care industry.

We are also listed on the below websites:

Caring for the community for over 50 years


“Really friendly staff, made me feel at ease and relaxed throughout all the work that I needed”

Fred S

“I just want you to know how grateful and pleased I am with the whole procedure of the implants and can’t recommend you enough for all your thoughtful and thorough care and attention from beginning to end”

Ann Aplin

“I would like to thank the team at the White House Dental Practice. Their kind approach has helped me overcome years of dental anxiety.”

Nicole Edwards

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White House Dental and Implant Centre

1 Ivy Mill Lane, Godstone, Surrey, RH9 8NH, UK

Telephone: 01883 742549


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  8.30AM - 5PM

Saturday By Appointment Only


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